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Introduction of the Association

Shanghai Supply Chain Development Promotion Association is a municipal society approved by the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, supervised by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce. Its predecessor was Shanghai Logistics Entrepreneurs Association which was established in June 2010 and renamed as Shanghai Supply Chain Development Promotion Association May 21st 2021.

The rename symbolize the upgrading and transformation of the Association. The mission of the Association is focusing on the "innovation and application of modern supply chain system", is committed to promoting the high-quality development of supply chain innovation and application in Shanghai, promoting synergy of supply chain innovation and application in the Yangtze River Delta, driving the sustainable development of industrial chain supply chain, and providing strong support for building the pivot of the domestic cycle and the strategic integration of dual circulation.

If you have any inquiries about membership, membership services, etc., and other needs, please feel free to inquire.

  • Contact:Ms. Gu (Executive Secretary General and Director of Member Service Department)

  • Phone:0086 17601290705


  • Address:Room 906, Building 9, No. 970 Dalian Road, Yangpu District, Hi-Shanghai, Shanghai

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